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Oindrila Goswami

Director/ Teacher


Oindrila Goswami, born on September  6, 1983, is a multifaceted artist deeply entrenched in the realms of theater and dance. Hailing from the vibrant cultural landscape of West Bengal, India, she discovered her passion for the performing arts early on, and since then, she has dedicated her life to honing her craft and sharing her expertise with others.

Educationally, Oindrila holds a Master's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management, obtained in 2010, alongside a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Calcutta University in 2007. However, her true calling lies in the world of theater and dance, where she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years.


in the realm of theater, Oindrila's journey has been marked by continuous learning and artistic exploration. She spent eight formative years at the Nandkar Theatre Group in Kolkata, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of the craft. Her dedication led her to pursue formal training, including a Theatre Appreciation course at the prestigious National School of Drama, where she also delved into Indian and Western acting styles. Oindrila further enriched her skills through workshops and certificate courses, including an intensive Actor Training Program at Prithvi Theatre and a Diploma in Natya Shastra from Sri Sri University.

As a seasoned theater practitioner, Oindrila has graced the stage in numerous productions, both nationally and internationally. Her performances have been showcased at esteemed festivals such as Bharat Rang Mahotsav, Theatre Olympics, and the Minerva Theatre Festival, earning her recognition for her versatile talents and captivating stage presence. Notably, she has also directed plays for children and facilitated theater workshops, fostering a new generation of performers and enthusiasts.

In the realm of dance, Oindrila's journey is equally illustrious. Trained extensively in Odissi, Ravindra Nritya, Bharatanatyam, and Kathak, she has honed her skills under the guidance of renowned Gurus. Her performances have taken her to prestigious platforms across India and abroad, including the Puri Beach Festival, ICCR China tour, and the Odissi International Festival, where her grace and artistry have captivated audiences.

Beyond her stage endeavors, Oindrila has also ventured into the world of cinema, starring in the short film "Baby Over," a testament to her versatility as an artist.

Currently, Oindrila serves as an integral member of the Theatre in Education Company (TIE) at the National School of Drama in New Delhi, where she continues to inspire and educate through her passion for the arts. Whether on stage or behind the scenes, her dedication to theater and dance knows no bounds, as she remains committed to nurturing talent and fostering creativity in all its forms.

In her own words, Oindrila Goswami is "happy to share [her] theater and dance knowledge with children to enhance their talent and creativity," embodying the essence of an artist driven by a profound love for her craft and a desire to make a meaningful impact on those around her.

Tausif Ahamad

Assistant Director/ Choreographer


He started his Dance education in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Salsa and Aerial dance at Voxpop Dancers India.  He attends many International workshops. He worked as dancers in Life in Darkness, After Death The Spiritual Journey, The Panorama Effect and

My Death from Politics or honesty. He did many commercials performance. 


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