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In 2006 the director of Voxpop Dancers India, Vikram Mohan had a vision for the dance company and a school to train its dancers. Voxpop Dancers India was established that same year under the leadership of Vikram Mohan and has seen the successful fulfilment of many of its goals. The acclaimed choreographer Vikram Mohan has created ballets, jazz,  salsa, contemporary dance and hybrid choreographic for a diverse range and number of companies. He has also choreographed new works which have become signatures of the company. 

Voxpop Dancers India works with schools, colleges and corporate companies such as the Basava International School, Paramount International School, Teri University, Era Business School, National School of Drama-New Delhi, Film and Television Institute of India-Pune, Drama Tech, Fujitsu  Consulting and many others.  Voxpop Dancers India works out of four dance studios with mirrors, wooden floors  & ballet barres.   

A Brief Overview

Promotion of cultural development and upliftment of people. Promotion of training and education in the field of art, culture, dance and aerial acrobatics, especially for underprivileged children who excel in the arts by establishing schools to their benefit. Areas covered include the technique in classical and neo-classical ballet, jazz, tango, flamenco, salsa, aerial acrobatics and international dance forms. Voxpop Dancers India recognizes the need to further cultivate the performing arts in India, and more specifically international dance forms, indeed this was the inspiration which brought the company into being.

Since 2011 Vikram Mohan has been working with the Kalakar Trust, choreographing the dance for the  Official Opening Floriade in 2012 Venlo supported by Queen Beatrix at Mundial Productions, Holland. He is also becoming a much sought-after choreographer in the film world choreographing for amongst others the "Chimis Parade” a rap for “Chimisworld DVD". Such engagements have brought much esteem and positive effects to Voxpop Dancers India and ensure continuing opportunities for children and youth involved with Voxpop Dancers India.

Dance Studio Dwarka sector 23
Contemporary Dance Classes
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